Shadows & Winter exhibition / Sombras y Invierno exposicion

Shadows & Winter – currently on exhibition at La Neomudejar in Madrid (coming to a close soon).

Sombras y Invierno – exposicion actual en La Neomudejar en Madrid (a cerrar proximamente).

Shadow 1
72 cm x 203 cm
esmalte, tinte para madero y acrilico sobre madera / enamel, wood stain and acrylic on wood

Shadow 2
140 cm diámetro de la rueda / diameter of the wheel
esmalte y tinte para madero sobre madera / enamel and wood stain on wood

Shadow 3
284 cm x 210 cm
esmalte, tinte para madero, oleo y acrilico sobre arpillera / enamel, wood stain, oil and acrylic on burlap

Shadow 4
100 cm x 190 cm
oleo sobre lienzo / oil on canvas

Shadow 5
100 cm x 190 cm
oleo sobre lienzo / oil on canvas

Shadow 6
97 cm x 130 cm
oleo y grafito sobre lienzo / oil and graphite on canvas

Mural on random Javier’s flickr :)

Just came across this on flickr.  Some guy named Javier with a camera has taken a few nice shots of my mural (Mindscape 7) at La Neomudejar, which he’s done a nice write-up about.  The mural wasn’t quite complete when his pictures were taken, but just about.  Click here (and thanks random Javier!):  Random Javier’s flickr

Or here:

mindscape VII – more photos

here are a few more photos of mindscape VII (also see yesterday’s post).  this is enamel on concrete; unike a lot of outdoor murals or wall paintings I did this the old-fashioned way only using real brushes and brushstrokes, i.e. no spray paints.  this is located in madrid at la neomudejar.

Mindscape 7 c - Greg Gobel

Mindscape 7 d - Greg Gobel

mindscape VII

mindscape VII is my first wall painting.  it’s on two walls at la neomudejar in madrid.  there is an attractive sculpture made from metal crowd control fences and used train track lights surrounding the wall painting.  mindscape VII is minimalistic, breaking down our lovely spanish weather into its simplest form and colour.  it’s painted with enamel paints, and i’m not sure exactly the dimensions. i’m also not sure if it is finished, but here are some photos; and i’ll get some better ones soon.   thanks to nestor and fran for giving me the wall space.

Mindscape 7 Greg Gobel

mindscape 7 b Greg Gobel